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Alp lodge

grant it itself or the person the romantic experience loved by you on a Alp lodge to be particularly styleful spoiled.


Hunting grounds

Districts If you a district to lease or lease want. An appreciation for your district with market analysis or we need your district with our service for district work care for are hunt for hunter a partner with qualitative achievement strength more


Firings buy or exchange

Which hunter doesn't wish itself not a kind of game to bejagen in the own district tracks does not pull, but no expensive firings or hunt journeys to carry out itself knows or completely simply new hunt contacts searches? Here the solution: We have over 2500 different exchange offers of hunters.

App wild detector

No more false position reports in wild accidents! The app Wild detector of hunt for jaeger determined the relevant police station or the hunting preserve owner, as well as your exact location of the wild accident. This feature is free and a service of hunt for jaeger! To take advantage of the special features venison, game reserves and hunting Exchange market, you must login! Otherwise, no offers and requests with contact information is shown!



Germany's largest game meat stock market is a reliable guarantee for the marketing of fresh game meat directly from your home hunters. Thus, just pure organic meat view our venison commandments. Or set up your precious game meat.